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Fine Art Photography for Wall Decor & More!

Fine Art photography for wall decor and interior decorating used to consist of photographic images that looked like,  But with the dawn of computers and digital cameras, a completely new style of photography (and art in general) evolved that takes advantages of all the imaginative power that the digital studio provides.

What was once called fine art photography has transformed a new branch of decor art photography known as digital photographic art.

This new genre of wall decor art has at it's core, a real photograph taken with a camera. However this is where the difference  - the magic happens - and a simple photo becomes transformed into a visual depiction of something not at all possible in this world.  This is why digital photo decor art of the 21st Century is NOT just a nice photo to hang on your wall!  

Digital photographic art is an experience!  It's a cliche to say it's a "feast for your eyes" but it IS a total sensory trip that will engage all your senses to excite you, make your heart skip a beat; make your eyes focus hard to see what's going on in the scene; challenge your brain to make sense of it or to just take a deep breath and inhale the energy that emits from an imaginary but real work of digital decor art.

And if anything visual can inspire us - an who would doubt that it can and does - decor wall art of the photographic digital art style is one of the most powerful ways to supercharge your space.  From your living room at home, to your boardroom at the office, or your own private workspace anywhere, where there's a wall there's a way - to create a mood, and environment, a unique statement of your own self expression or your organizations values.

See for yourself as you browse our design ideas, our original and exclusive works or digital photographic art, available as canvases, posters, greeting cards and very large prints. As the Canadian Photographic Artist of the year in 2009, I invite you to spend some time and experience how photography has changed!

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Alexandra Morrison is an award-winning  Winnipeg photographic artist, accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, and the Canadain Photographic Artist of the Year in 2009.  As a professional photographer her artsitic specialties comprise fine art photography, nature photography, digital art photography, and decor art photography. Contact Alexandra here.